Paint & Interior Protection

Attention new car buyers: If you have recently purchased or are currently in the market for purchasing a new vehicle, you may want to consider protecting your nice shiny new investment.

Paint, Fabric & leather Protection now available from Solartint at less than 1/2 the dealer price. Learn more »

Auto shield protection kit includes

Premium waterless wash, premium car shampoo, tint safe glass cleaner, surface rejuvenator, microfiber cloth, foam applicator pad, car care guide, car wash bucket

Save you precious time having to continually maintain your cars paintwork by waxing and polishing with products that ware off and only last a short period of time. Protect your leather or fabric interior from clothe colour transfer and food or drink stains.

Protect your paintwork from the harsh Australian suns UV rays that causes paint oxidization, bird dropping acids and tree sap.

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